Expectations?? 😱

I love a good math problem (I know, I’m weird). I recently read that serenity is directly proportional to acceptance, but indirectly proportional to EXPECTATIONS!

I think that’s awesome!!

The more I EXPECT the less I’m at PEACE.

As I think about it, when I’m driven by expectations I get upset when things don’t turn out like I want them to. That’s my ego crying about not getting what I want. It’s not so much the expectation that is the problem it’s the outcome that can be my trigger.

I’m working on accepting outcomes. I’ve learned that things always work out like they should…always. In the moment I might not like the outcome, but it always turns out to be the right one. And in the end, there’s not usually anything I can do about it unless I’ve been acting like an idiot. So I do the best I can with the information I have, try not to act like an idiot and accept the chips as they fall. It seems that when I keep it simple like that my life is so much less complicated and more peaceful and serene.

Does that make any sense? Are you applying similar principles in your life? I’d love to hear about them. Hit me back.

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Have a great one!


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