Remember…. is a compilation of songs written by my cousin, Jim Lacey. Jim was born December 1, 1925 in Birmingham, Jim has led an amazing and interesting life. He and his recently deceased wife of 65+ years, Bettilou, raised 4 amazing children, 6 grandchildren and 3 great, grandchildren.

Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, a master’s in Organic Chemistry and a PhD. in Biochemistry and studied the genetic code and the molecular basis of its origin (among other projects) at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He also did research in cell culture at the University of Basel in Switzerland in the late 70s.

He is a true renaissance man having high level skills in many disciplines including design, construction, auto repair, and cooking to name a few of many.

Jim’s passion is music. Following his service in the Army Air Corp in WWII, in the mid-40s he played in The Auburn Plainsmen, a 17-piece jazz band at Auburn University. He plays an amazing 30 instruments from piano, stringed instruments, woodwinds and brass.

The compositions included on “Remember” are, in my judgement, comparable to the pop standard classics from the 40s and 50s (the pre-Elvis era).

I hope you’ll check out these tunes with an open mind. Share it with that person you know who will remember the special time these songs embrace.

You can get the songs for FREE on Band Camp. If you’re moved to make a love offering know that it is very much appreciated.

Thanks for your support!!