I’ve been loving music all my life. Records as a kid, pantomiming the Beatles for neighborhood concerts, church choir, piano lessons, guitar lessons. At 15 I played a school talent contest with a BAND. That changed the game!!

I’ve been playing in bands since 1974. The Governor’s mansion, fancy country clubs, wedding receptions, concerts, festivals and some of the nasty juke joints in the Southeast. I love the juke joints the best!!

I’ve played rock and roll, country, dance tunes and jazz (sort of).

What I do now is write songs, record them and play them for anybody that will listen. I have a band, The Moonshiners, great players who support me doing what I love to do. I get to make music with Cam, my wife on piano and Ben, my son on guitar and vocals. It’s a beautiful thing.

My music is a mixmash of all the songs I’ve ever heard, but leaning to Rock and Southern Rock. I call it Southern, Country Rock, but it’s hard to label. It will sound like whatever you think it is. My lyrics are about my life experiences, things that I see and things that I think are important. I try to write the truth as I see it.

I hope you’ll take a listen. If you like it, I hope join me on this ride. We’ll have a blast!!!


Here’s the long story if you want to dig into the details