Here’s the back story from track 8 from White Lightnin’

In August 2006 I was 8 months past finalizing my divorce, running around
like a hound dog…. and tired of it. I had been out of town. I was
driving home and a buddy called to invite me to a party. Bring a date he
offered. Ugh, I don’t want to go to the trouble. So I showed up alone. I
was immediately drawn to this pair of tight, red and white stretch
pants. She was something. Bright, pretty, smart….did I mention the

The party was moving along. We ate dinner. She sat next to
me. I was totally charming…. I had nothing to say! We moved to the
living area. She offered a seat next to her. I sat in a chair. I don’t
remember much except that she had children, 12 and 5 (Turns out there
were 4). As I was leaving (before it got any worse) my buddy walked me
to my car. I asked my buddy what her deal was. He said he thought she
had a boyfriend, but maybe they were breaking up. I asked if he could
get her number. Was I still in high school?

He called the next day with her number. OK, time to go to work. I called. No answer. I left a message. No return call. 2 days later I called again, no answer, message
left. No return call. I called my buddy and asked if there was some
dating rule I was unfamiliar with? It had been 28 years since I last
dated. I was at work the following Sunday (yeah I know) and I
tried calling again. She answered! Turns out she thought the call was
about some doctor bill. She was surprised to hear from me. Really? We
chatted. I asked her out. She agreed.

The next week I picked her up. She greeted me with a hug. Man she looked good…and smelled good. We went on her porch and talked….for 2 hours. I found out about her other 2 children. We just did make it to the restaurant. It was great. On our
way out I took her hand. “Oh, that’s nice” she said. “I’m going to kiss
you in a minute” I responded. (I was so full of myself). But I did. And
man she could kiss good!

I asked her out again the next week. She had a meeting for work. I said we could get together later. She said ok,but called back and said it wasn’t a good idea. I pressed. She agreed to meet for coffee. When we met she explained her reluctance to get together so late. She didn’t want me to get the wrong idea. She wasn’t
that kind of girl, blah, blah, blah. We ended up kissing for a long

We started dating regularly. I told her I was still “seeing”
other women. She said that was ok! Really? That’s the thing that got
me. I was wrapped!

In a month or two we were dating regularly, then exclusively. A year later I asked her to marry me. She responded “I’d like that very much!” We got married 3 months later. After 7 years she still won’t answer my calls.

The song was easy to write.

We’ve had some radio success with the tune. As of June 2016 Cashbox Magazine ranked it #5 on their Looking Ahead chart and #9 on their Traditional Country/Outlaw/Rockabilly chart.

You can hear a sample of “Wrapped Around Your Finger” at
You can buy the song on iTunes under Russ Still and The Moonshiners.

I met you the other night girl your pants fit mighty tight
I think you’re up for inspection
A little chit, a little chat I think I know where it’s at I feel my anticipation
I want to walk you to your car, but you say that’s going way too far
Girl you’ve got me going round
So uptight I’m all unwound
You got a rope around my neck
Don’t have a clue what’s coming next
I’m like a fish stuck on a stringer
Girl I’m wrapped around your little finger
Trying to plan a rendezvous wanna hook up with you
This ain’t no game that I’m playing
You ain’t around for me to phone I don’t like your silent tone there ain’t no justification
I don’t know if it’s your intention
But I don’t like the message you’re sending
I’m not trying to get you on a booty call
But I’m not getting nowhere at all
You still got me runnin round but I’m not so broken down
It’s like a transformation
I got you seeing things my way think I might have found a way
It’s like a revelation
I think I got it going on
But you still won’t pick up your telephone

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