Here’s the back story from track 6 from The Moonshiners latest, White Lightnin’ also available on iTunes.

I used to be really shy. My friends will probably say that’s a lie, but I learned to cover it up pretty good. When I was a teenager I was especially shy around girls. I knew I liked them …a lot…, but I had no idea how to tell them. I got comfortable kissing a few, but I was definitely a late bloomer when it came to the ways of love. Even then I was a willing participant, but I was rarely the aggressor.

There were times that I was more forward. A couple of drinks and I got a little more comfortable. I was usually a fun drunk (to the degree a drunk can be fun). My inhibitions would definitely fall away.

It wasn’t hard to draw out these ideas once I got started on the lyrics to Drive Me To Drinkin. There’s a good looking girl, dressed to “impress”, but I’m too nervous to talk to her. I’m remembering when I was 16. The line about having “a line for all the ladies” is total artistic license. I’ve never had that skill. What would it take? Whiskey? Wine? A cocktail? Moonshine? Yes.

Why am I so uptight? I don’t have any game, none. How am I going to approach her? Drink! If there was ever anyone else trying to get a girl’s attention I was OUT of the game. Even if I thought a girl was coming on to me (I usually never even picked up the sign – what are they?) I still didn’t know what to do. Never did.

You can hear a sample of “Drive Me To Drinkin'” at and check out Track 6. You can buy the whole CD there or buy the song on iTunes under Russ Still and The Moonshiners.

I hope you enjoy it.

You’re the kind of girl that drives me to drinking
Lord you look good in those cut up blue jeans
That tight old t-shirt is quite a sight
You got that look that makes me nervous
I try to talk but my mouth’s gone dry
I usually got a line for all the ladies
I know what they wanna hear
But with you I need a shot of courage
A little something to cure my fear
Break out the whiskey bottle
I could use another box of wine
I’d even drink some fruity cocktail
I need a shot from that jar of shine
I don’t know what’s drivin’ my thinking
But you’re the kind of girl that drives me to drinking
I don’t know why I’m so uptight
There ain’t no explanation
I need to stop my mind from reeling
With some liquid medication
I want to know what’s on your mind
But I’m feeling agitated
Maybe I’ll get the nerve to ask you
When I’m a little more intoxicated
All the players want your attention
They’re tryin’ to stake their claimIf this liquor don’t work no quicker
I’m gonna be out of the game
Our eyes meet and you’re winking
All the green lights start to blinking
I still don’t know what you’re thinking
You’re the kind of girl that drives me to drinking

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