Russ’ Big Night Out – Sturgill Simpson Show

First things first, Sturgill Simpson is THE MAN. A relatively new artist out of Nashville that I’ve been listening to for about 2 years. If you haven’t heard him (or even heard of him) stop reading this and go listen. Really.

So he’s playing in Atlanta, I’m not sure I can go, but 2 days before I realize I can, hit Craig’s list and got a ticket. Dinner at the reopened OK Cafe (great as always) down to the Tabernacle early, general admission, I’m standing on the rail right up front making lots of new friends.

So Sturgill comes on. Right off the bat, before he hits a lick, he says his allergies are bad, his voice is blown and he can’t sing, but he’s going to give it a shot. He gets halfway throught he first tune and stops the band and says he can’t give the show we deserve, he’ll be coming back for a make up show, but they’ll continue the night for free!

Then the amazing thing happened, he started calling people out of the crowd to sing. Some were ok, others were great! I’ve never seen anything like it and don’t think I will again.

I strongly encourage you to give Sturgill a listen. He’s a fresh voice, great writer and deserves everything that’s coming his way.

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